Hybrid models pack

Over 50 advanced models library for Cinema 4D. Rigged and ready to use.


Click above to download the DEMO that contains 10 models from the pack. Absolutely free to use, both for personal and commercial projects!


Over 50 complex models ready to use for any type of projects. Especially useful for broadcast design and action projects. All models are rigged in such a way that an immense scene can be created with just a few clicks. Check out the tutorials below to find out!.


Some models have special rigs that allow you create complex animations with just a couple of keyframes. This can help add a lot of motion depth to any scene.


Check out the video below for a simple rundown of how everything works.


These tutorials showcase my own personal workflow within Cinema 4D and After Effects. Note that some tutorials use an older version of Hybrid Models (that don’t have some of the newer models and rigs), but the workflow is the same.


Rendered models preview. These are very simple render set-ups with just a HDRI, a simple metal texture and a bit of compositing for the lights.


Hybrid Models are constantly being updated. All updates and future models will be available for free if you have already purchased them. You can download the latest version by going to your account page. Please contact support here if you are unable to download the latest version, or have any questions. 


Compatible with all versions above Cinema 4D R14.