hud pack
Hybrid hud pack

$39.00 $27.00

Create amazing detail with just a few clicks.

This pack contains over 50 advanced HUD elements.

High Quality

Optimized for full HD as well as 4k projects. Elements in the pack can go as high as 4000x2000 resolution.

Quicktime encoding

Elements are available pre-rendered in Quicktime (.mov) encoding at 30 FPS.

After Effects

After Effects project file included. Complete access to all layers that form each element. Compatible for version CS6 and above.


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Each element in this pack was designed with careful attention to detail, composition and line flow. Most of the elements can be contained within a basic shape (square, rectangle, circle etc.). Because of this, creating large scale detailed compositions is an easy task (as shown in tutorials below).

Color Variations

Elements are rendered in 2 separate layers. This way you can create endless color variations. Here are some examples using only 1 Element (Square)



Note : Images in gallery are half quality/resolution and not animated.