Mirror Dimension

In this course we will create a portal to another dimension. We’re going to combine different SOP level techniques to animate the shards splitting and moving in a perfectly controlled motion. We will add particles and smoke on top, and comp everything in Nuke.

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⏳ 4h 13m

duration of the course

⚙️ Nuke & Houdini

software needed to complete the course

👨 Intermediate

level of difficulty

About the course


We start off this course by creating glass shards using a custom fracturing technique.


Sop level animation

Then we will create the portal opening animation through a combination of sop level nodes.

This flexible setup will ensure that we have absolute control over how the shards move, spread and spin, in real time, without relying on any kind of simulation.



After we create the terrain and environment, we will take a look at a very simple way to create a nebula by combining simulations with different noise setups post simulation.



We will use the moving shards to generate extra particles that will add to magical nature of this effect.

In this section, we cover different problems that you might encounter while running pyro and pops simulations, and the optimal solutions to achieve fast results.



We will be rendering everything in Redshift, in this section we will talk about using redshift proxies to speed up render times.

I will also show you my prefered method to setting things up so that we have an easier time when we do our compositing.



In the nuke section, we will bring everything together. We are going to assemble all the render layers from Houdini, and also use these layers to create new elements such as fog and background atmospheres, and also we will be creating a simple particle system to add on top of everything.



Everything needed to complete this course is included in the downloads (except a couple of megascans textures).

The downloads also includes the completed project file (ver 19.0.657)