Project Description

Split Layer

Splitting up layers in different equal pieces and then making them all react the way you want can sometimes be a hassle. In this tutorial i go over a technique that i’ve recently “developed” in order to make this task easier.

With the help of a new feature in my HUD Toolkit script, you can easily break apart any layer in however many pieces you want and at any angle with just one click. That’s only half the battle though, to actually be able to work with the layers you will need to parent them to a NULL ( this null must have the same inclination angle as your split layers ).

So for example if you split the layer apart at 45* , your null rotation should be at 45* (Z axis). Now you can create any type of sliding animation, and then you can simply use the ‘Randomize Offset’ function in the HUD script to achieve the effect as seen in the video. Let me know what you think, leave a comment!


You may use this template for both professional and personal reasons (for your clients, your own youtube channel etc.). The only thing you are NOT allowed to do is redistribute this file without proper attribution (link to this website), and it is also NOT allowed to upload this project to any type of marketplace for profit. Note that legal action will be taken if these 2 simple rules are not met.

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