Project Description

Trapcode Particular Tutorial

In this Trapcode Particular Tutorial, we learn how to create magic trails.

We begin the tutorial by setting up a Light layer. To create a nice orbiting effect, we will use a Null layer to anchor our Light. By parenting the light to the null layer, we can easily adjust rotation speed and radius. This set-up also gives us plenty of other controls, such as trails height and length.

After we have the light set-up, we can start adjusting Particular settings. Using the right combination of parameter values, we can create a smooth trail. Adjusting the AUX system of Particular, we can add falling particles to the main trail.

Finally, we go over some coloring options in the Particle Tab. In this tab, we can affect parameters such as “Color over life” to obtain a nice glittery effect.

If you’re interested in a similar technique, definitely check out the Neon Trails tutorial.

You can purchase Trapcode Particular here.