Project Description

Back at it with our sweet futuristic design. This time we create a frame composition that you can use for any images or videos. Alright, we start off by creating the main frame. We create only a quarter of the frame, then we use Motion Tile to mirror the corner and create the whole frame. We then set up our camera, backgrounds and then we create the floor. For the floor we’re using a simple combination of Fractal Noise with a couple of other effects. Then we duplicate this floor layer to create the glowing edges. The hardest part is going to be creating the automated animating lines around the frame. Using different expressions set up, we create one moving element on the line, then we duplicate it a bunch of times to fill in the rest of the line. Finally I go over some other simple techniques that you can use to generate more elements, and a quick way to generate a lot of simple shapes using Trapcode Particular.