Project Description

Huds or User Interface Graphics or whatever you want to call them, have been a big deal in the motion graphics industry for a long time. There are various reasons for why this is , but in my opinion, the only real reason is that they just look f*cking cool. There’s nothing else in design that screams Sci-Fi or Future, more than some awesome graphics and elements all animating and coming together to create a complex, dynamic piece of design. In this tutorial i go over some techniques on how you can achieve different element designs in After Effects and then put them all together into one composition. For this specific tutorial, i’m only using After Effects’ native effects, some of which are very rarely used, such as Particle Playground. With particle playground you can actually create a grid by using only one composition, as shown in the video. If you’re interested in creating high-tech detailed design, take a look at my Utility-Box script for After Effects to help you in your creation!