Project Description

This idea happened while experimenting for a new project. I knew i needed a sort of distortion wave appearing from the center and spreading out. The problem was that I couldn’t get the detail I wanted. The original path i took was using only solid replication. Then I decided to take another route. I created a few Shape Paths, and then I could use Utility-Box to replicate the shapes in interesting ways. This provides a quick and easy way to create a detailed circuit-board looking texture. The next few steps were to create the transition layers for the shapes. This can be done fairly easy, using solid masks combined with Displacement Maps. In the second half of the tutorial, I go over how you can create another element. Using a simple flickering of a white solid, we duplicate it to create a vertical array. Then we take that vertical array and create a radial array. Finally, I go over some ways that you can create variations with your clones. I also cover quickly how you can color correct your layers to create some interesting highlights and contrast!