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Easy Parallax – Free After Effects Parallax Script

This free after effects parallax script helps you get things started really fast and easy. This script is by no means an “all-around” tool that also adds camera animations and particles or other things. This script simply breaks your layer in multiple parts and offsets the layers automatically, to create the 3D depth.

If you’ve ever tried your hand at creating a parallax composition, you know things get tedious really fast. Well now, I’m no expert by any means at parallax projects. I’ve only really created a couple of projects with parallax, but here’s what I know about the techniques so far.

Like anything else you, there are probably more ways than one to achieve any type of effect. For parallax, one of the techniques involves creating a bunch of layer duplicates. Each duplicate will have a circle mask applied to it, and be offset in space and scaled up. So when you add a camera and put all of them together it re-creates the original imagine, but with 3D Depth. That’s more or less how I would do it.

So, since you need at least 10 copies for this effect to work, there’s a lot of work you need to do set this up. And all this work can be automated with a simple script. I hope this saves you some time or maybe help you understand the parallax effect a bit better, if you’ve never tried your hand at it prior.


In After Effects, go to Edit -> Preferences -> General, make sure “Allow Scripts to write Files..” option is checked. Now you can run the script by going to File -> Scripts -> Run script.


Mask Other
Size – Radius of each circle mask. Inverse correlation with Iterations (see below). The lower the size, the more detail you will have in your parallax (and the more iterations you will need).

Feather – Feather amount for each mask. This will demand more CPU usage. Use only if necessary.

Expansion – The surface covered by each circle mask. Use higher values if you have gaps between layers.

Iterations – Number of layers created. Use higher values if your imagine is not entirely complete.

Depth – Amount of “push” each layer gets in 3D space. Use higher values if you want a more dramatic effect. (and then use Expansion if you have gaps between masks).

Scale – Value by which each layer gets incrementally increased. Tightly linked to depth. (Depth and Scale should usually be around the same value).


You may use this script for both professional and personal reasons (for your clients, your own youtube channel etc.). The only thing you are NOT allowed to do is redistribute this file without proper attribution (link to this website), and it is also NOT allowed to upload this script to any type of marketplace for profit.

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