Project Description


This After Effects Hud Circle Tutorial will teach you everything about UI interface design in After Effects.

To start off, I cover a workflow technique on how to “model” your shape in mirrored mode. This way you only need to take care of a quarter of our circle, and the rest gets mirrored over. You don’t need to waste time adjusting all your masks and shapes, when you just need to take care of 1/4 of your composition.

Our base shape is created through using circle masks, in combination with other shapes, and duplicating layers to fill the gaps in between. Hopefully, I was clear enough in the tutorial and you could follow along. Final steps here are just setting up a camera and some minor basic adjustments, to achieve the final look.


You may use this template for both professional and personal reasons (for your clients, your own youtube channel etc.). The only thing you are NOT allowed to do is redistribute this file without proper attribution (link to this website), and it is also NOT allowed to upload this project to any type of marketplace for profit. Note that legal action will be taken if these 2 simple rules are not met.

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