Project Description


This After Effects Horror Intro will show you a nice and easy way to achieve at atmospheric scene. Use After Effects’ native effects to their fullest.

Possibly the hardest part of this tutorial will be setting up the Shake layer. The main effect that’s driving the shake is a Distort – Transform effect. The position property for this effect is linked to a wiggle expression, then the second value of the wiggle expression (the amplitude) is linked to a separate Slider controller, which can then be animated to create the on/off shake effect.

Also I go over some other tricks n’ tips on achieving a nice atmosphere with Particle World, creating Light Leaks and some flashing effect.


You may use this template for both professional and personal reasons (for your clients, your own youtube channel etc.). The only thing you are NOT allowed to do is redistribute this file without proper attribution (link to this website), and it is also NOT allowed to upload this project to any type of marketplace for profit. Note that legal action will be taken if these 2 simple rules are not met.

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