Vellum Slime FX

Create realistic slime FX using grains and Vellum solver in Houdini. Learn best practices and settings when mesh-ing grains.

⏳ 1h

duration of the course

⚙️ Nuke & Houdini

software needed to complete the course

👨 Intermediate

level of difficulty

  Course lessons  

About the course

Base Geometry

Creating gooey sticky slime or saliva in Houdini is super easy with Vellum. The tricky part really is creating the initial geometry from which we create the vellum grains.

Vellum Setup

After we have this geometry we set up glue constraints that determine the behavior of the slime. Also we use Attach to geometry constraint to attach the ends to the animated skull.

I also go over tips that you can use to mesh the constraint geometry into usable geometry that looks more like saliva.

Rendering & Comp

Finally I go over the light setup and render settings. Rendering is done using Redshift.

I also take you through the compositing, in Nuke. Hope you find this course useful!


This course includes downloads for the completed project files & renders.

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