Harry's Patronus

Recreate the Patronus effect from the Harry Potter series. Explore all the challenges that occur when creating simulations based on other objects. We take it a step further and simulate on animated geometry.

⏳ 2h 30m

duration of the Patronus Spell course

⚙️ Nuke & Houdini

software needed to complete the course

🧒 Beginner

level of difficulty

About the course

Particle Simulation

We’re going to look into different ways to create particle sources and how to advect particles with velocity fields. We are going to create velocity fields with Volume VOPS & Pyro simulations.

We will use different methods to art direct particles and how to optimize the setup at every step, so our simulations run smooth and fast!

Rendering & Compositing

We are going to render everything using Redshift, and then use Nuke to composite all of the layers to get the final look. So I hope you will enjoy this course, and let’s get started.

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