Intro to Destruction FX

Explore all the different methods to fracture geometry.

⏳ 1h 45m

duration of the course

⚙️ Nuke & Houdini

software needed to complete the course

👨 Intermediate

level of difficulty

About the course

Pyro Simulation

We’re going to source in all particles to create density and velocities inside a pyro simulation. We’re also going to create custom velocity fields and use divergence to art direct smoke.


Using the pyro sim we can advect the particles in the final simulation. Here we leverage the power of SDFs to further control the movement in a natural and organic way.

Particles colors

I’m going to show you some quick and easy way to color the particles and get a cool magical look.

Embers & Fire

I’ll also show you a quick and easy setup to create embers, and also a fire wall that serves as a background layer.


In the comp section we’ll bring all our renders together. We’ll go over best practices and some of my favorite nodes and workflows that I use on a daily basis.


This download contains the Houdini and Nuke project files. You can also grab the renders from the link provided in the zip archive!
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