I'm Razvan and I'll teach you Nuke everything I know Houdini VFX

Houdini is by far the most interesting and fun software there in the 3D realm. 

The perfect day for me is being able to spend 12 hours hooking up nodes and building networks, uninterrupted.

This is why my mission is to open up the amazing world of VFX to everyone. Hopefully with the tutorials and courses I provide you will be able to experience the pure joy of being able to create anything you can think of.

Voxyde.com is a continuously expanding library, completely dedicated to mastering VFX. 

Everything I’ve learned over the years, and everything that I will learn in the future will be available to you 24/7. I strive to create high quality content, all courses & tutorials are planned and edited in order to deliver only relevant information.

The last thing I want is to waste your time! If you have any questions hit me up at voxydegfx@gmail.com

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